Anastasia Kreker (Generalova) is a graphic designer with a passion for a good typography, book design and illustrations. 
My intention has always been helping idea-driven people find the best way to realize their vision while at the same time engaging and reaching their client base which can be difficult in today’s media-saturated environment. I am driven forward creating designs that have a perfect blend of both conceptual and stylistic elements. Whatever be the nature of the project, I always work towards making sure that the end result evokes a clear and strong message, without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of the design.
I think every problem has a solution and graphic design is no different. I love creating meaningful content that clarifies and turns the client’s ideas into reality and help communicate better with prospective clients.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Most of us come to Hawaii from different places, I came here five years ago from the Bay Area, California, but originally I’m from Russia. I find myself in peace when I’m hiking in the Hawaiian jungle or swimming in the Ocean because it helps inspire and refresh my mind.  Hawaii is a nexus for inspiration and good vibes, which I try to express in my work. These islands are like Shangri La, and I want to give back because I have received so much from this place.
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